Open Cell Spray Foam

Choose open cell spray foam for a lightweight, breathable insulation solution that expands to fill cracks and crevices, improving your home’s thermal envelope and reducing noise intrusion.

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What is Open Cell Spray Foam?

Open cell spray foam insulation is a type of foam insulation that expands upon application, filling cavities, cracks, and crevices in building structures. Unlike closed cell foam, open cell foam is less dense, with a spongier texture due to its cell structure being partially open. This characteristic makes it effective for sound dampening and providing insulation at a relatively lower cost compared to closed cell foam. It's typically used in interior walls, under floors, and in unvented attics where moisture permeability is not a critical concern.

Benefits of Open Cell Spray Foam

Open cell spray foam offers significant benefits primarily in sound reduction and insulation. It effectively minimizes airborne noise and dampens sound transmission through walls and between floor levels, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial buildings alike. Additionally, it provides a high R-value, enhancing a building’s thermal efficiency and greatly reducing energy costs. The lightweight nature of open cell foam also means it exerts less structural stress, which can be advantageous in certain architectural applications.

Who Needs Open Cell Spray Foam?

Open cell spray foam is particularly suited for residential and commercial properties that require superior air sealing and soundproofing without the need for the higher R-value of closed cell foam. It’s an excellent choice for interior walls, attic floors, and other areas where moisture accumulation is less of a concern. Homeowners undergoing new construction or those in the process of remodeling will find open cell spray foam beneficial for enhancing comfort, reducing noise levels, and improving energy efficiency within their spaces.

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